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Award-Winning Author Tamikio L. Dooley

Women's Fiction

Tamikio  L. Dooley is an award-winning author. She writes women's fiction and nonfiction. Tamikio is the author of  Inspire Me to Heal, A Better You, My Skin is Beautiful, Woman on the Shore, Murder at Seaside, The Train to Krakow Izabella Poliavok Story, and the Co-author of Wide Awake.

Inspire Me To Heal

Inspire Me to Heal is written from Tamikio L. Dooley’s past life challenges. The author speaks from personal emotional hardship and obstacles. This book shares mental health experiences, solutions, and how to move forward in the right path. Individuals struggle with traumatize events, depriving them of self-confidence, courage, and ownership. Inspire Me to Heal also shares insights helping people overcome traumatic incidents, coping with reconciling through human strengths.

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Girlfriend Stories

Award-Winning Author of the World Literature Awards Tamikio L. Dooley-The Author of The Train To Krakow The Izabella Poliavok Story, and The Perfect Autumn Poetry-Women’s Fiction and Nonfiction

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A Better You

Author Tamikio L. Dooley gives guidance to women on how to become A Better You. She shares wisdom on “woman to woman” ups and down, tough obstacles, trials, and tribulations, and how to overcome them. “It starts within YOU.” Women should never miscalculate their intelligence, power, and proficiencies under any circumstances. Be all you can be! Tamikio talks about fulfilling careers, positive family values, education, worth, finances, and more. Every woman should become inspired by the author’s advice.

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My Skin Is Beautiful

Tamikio L. Dooley is the author of My Skin is Beautiful. The author wrote this book inspiring women. Self-confidence and achievements serves against the odds. Tamikio encourages women to acknowledge their beauty, talents, and power within their skin.

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The Train To Krakow Izabella Paliavok Story

A profound story in 1948, Poland, Krakow, a train arrived to the city filled with Jewish prisoners, tricked from the cruel hands of poverty and to leave their families for a better life. Izabella Poliakov aboard the train with her three younger sisters searching for a better life, always a daydream of belonging to a wealthy husband, Izabella came far within her influence after losing both parents in a house fire in Uman, a Jewish town.

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Woman on the Shore

Award-Winning Author, the Author of My Skin Is Beautiful, the Train to Krakow, The Medicine Man Sunrise of the Great Falls, The Perfect Autumn Poetry, and In the Heart of December

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